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Welcome to Phenomlab – a site that aggregates technology and infosec news and active discussion around the world, then encourages everyone from all walks of life – regardless of knowledge or experience – to discuss the topics that interest or concern them in a friendly and non-condescending manner.

We firmly believe that technology and infosec knowledge should be accessible to everybody. Based on this ethic, this is an open community. It’s forever free to join, free to engage, and free to get involved in all manner of topics. Why not join today and see what this genuine platform can offer you – even if you are simply starting out in your journey, or have been on the train for a while 🙂

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Open discussion.

Frustrated by a general lack of platforms that allow you to speak freely and engage in meaningful discussion without that dreaded feeling you’re overstepping the mark, or are going to be ripped to pieces by someone else who doesn’t agree with you ? Here, we actively encourage you to use your voice, ask thought provoking questions, and essentially, challenge others (in a positive way of course).


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Life is a journey, and always a learning curve. It doesn’t come with manuals, and there’s no way of knowing what it will throw at you during your career. Curve balls, problems, issues – they can all be overcome if someone helps you to move in the right direction. But where do you start ?

The answer ? Here.

This platform actively encourages open discussion. It’s what makes those who want to learn actually achieve their goal by obtaining answers to even the most burning of questions. Nobody can honestly say they can get through anything without feeling the need to challenge or ask questions. Why should you be any different ?

Whatever your goal, be part of something groundbreaking.

About this initiative

Phenomlab is a next generation knowledge sharing and discussion platform that aims to eradicate the stigma, hostility, pedantic, and demeaning nature of those before it. We’re all human beings, and by definition, have an interest in something that somebody else struggles to understand – often to the extent of making us adept within a particular arena. Why should that knowledge be restricted to only those who are fortunate enough to have come across it, and not shared with others for mutual benefit ?

This in itself would defeat the true meaning of a community, wouldn’t it ?

How does it work ?

Here at Phenomlab we firmly believe that by discussing a wide range of topics, sharing knowledge, and experiences, you are helping other community members by giving something back.

The idea is that by actively participating in discussions, providing input, insights, and advice, you become an invaluable resource for those looking for assistance, information, and guidance.

How much does it cost ?

Zero. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And if that doesn’t help, here’s how we can say the same thing in pretty much every language. Basically, we want you to keep your hard earned cash for something else. This platform is and always will be completely free to use with absolutely no limits. The only cost to you is your time, and for some people, that’s the best way to pay for something. The ethos of this platform is not to generate a profit, but to get people to form a union – to become a community again, and together, make the world (well, try to) a better place.

We do accept donations, but this isn’t mandatory, and we’ll never chase you for any money.

Who should use this ?

Everybody. It’s not just for one particular arena, skillset, or industry. It’s designed for everyone, everything, anything…. you get the idea – if you can learn from it or discuss it, we’re happy to host it. There are limits around what is acceptable, but isn’t that the case for all sites ? Essentially, if it’s clean, honest, and legal, it’s welcome.

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