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Phenomlab is a next generation knowledge sharing and discussion platform that aims to eradicate the stigma, hostility, pedantic, and demeaning nature of those before it. We’re all human beings, and by definition, have an interest in something that somebody else struggles to understand – often to the extent of making us adept within a particular arena. Why should that knowledge be restricted to only those who are fortunate enough to have come across it, and not shared with others for mutual benefit ?

This in itself would defeat the true meaning of a community, wouldn’t it ?

What makes Phenomlab different?

Phenomlab is a community built on the foundations of fairness, equality, and sharing. It is 100% mobile responsive, designed to be lean and fast with all features you want and nothing you don’t. This is a community for humans. Phenomlab is carefully designed to be consistent and intuitive across platforms meaning no matter which device you connect from, the experience remains concise throughout.

Why should you use Phenomlab ?

No clutter, no bloat, and no complex dependencies – a tiny footprint yet mighty presence brings speed and beauty together to culminate in the best end user experience possible.

How can you help?

By contributing, you’re helping us pay for our hosting and server infrastructure costs, as well as dedicated development time so we can keep making Phenomlab better.

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